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50 Years of Backing SMEs and Creating Jobs in Uganda
DFCU is predominantly an SME bank that provides long-term funding in Uganda for the education, agribusiness, construction and manufacturing sectors.
Supporting Women in Business and Creating Jobs in Uganda
DFCU Bank aims to help female entrepreneurs in Uganda. In 2007, it set up a ‘Women in Business’ programme which currently supports over 6,500 businesswomen.
Supplying Power and Creating Jobs in Uganda
Thanks to the continued support of CDC and Actis, Uganda’s electricity distribution company Umeme has been able to make significant improvements to the network.
Supporting Financial Institutions To Close The ‘SME Financing Gap’
Small and medium enterprises have an important role to play in the economic growth of developing countries as they contribute to around 40% of GDP and 50% of overall employment.
Understanding and Meeting the Long-term Financing Needs of SMEs – a Perspective from Uganda
DFCU helps small and medium-sized businesses in Uganda to grow by providing long-term funding.
Equitas: Providing Loans to Entrepreneurs in India
Around 45% of the Indian population lacks access to formal finance. Microfinance is an established route of providing credit to the very smallest businesses while Equitas also provides loans to small entrepreneurs across 12 Indian states.
The Benefits of Localisation
The Vlisco Group produces textiles in West and Central Africa and directly employs 2,700 people thereby creating thousands of additional jobs. Its mission is to make a greater economic and social impact in African markets.
Madagascar Lychee Export: Supporting Rural Employment in Madagascar
The lychee industry is a key pillar of the Madagascan economy supporting most of the rural community. Adenia identified strong potential in Madagascar Lychee Export and has since invested over €2 million in MLE.
Narayana Health: Providing Affordable Healthcare in India
Narayana Health is an Indian multi-specialty healthcare provider founded by renowned cardiac surgeon Dr Devi Shetty who aims to tackle the issue of heart disease which is attacking the Indian working population.
Narayana Health: Supporting Healthcare Workers in India
It is estimated that India needs over a million more trained nurses. Narayana Health is helping to fill that gap by building teaching hospitals and specialist nursing colleges, and training thousands of new nurses every year.
Equitas: Supporting Good Quality Jobs in India
Equitas is an Indian based initiative providing loans to small entrepreneurs across 12 Indian states. It employs 7,000 staff and lends money to 3 million microfinance customers. Since 2013, CDC has invested US$22 million in Equitas.
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